Animal Tales: The Cat Who Spent 8 Years in Jail

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by Melissa Byrd, of PAWS of BI and N Kitsap, and Julie Hall, August 12, 2012 10:57 a.m.
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No one belongs in a cage, least of all a cat. One of nature’s most agile, athletic animals, cats need to stretch and jump, climb and explore.

But for Bubbles, who given her name may well have been a bubbly kitten, when her person died when she was two life contracted into a cage the size typically used for ferrets. The family member who took her in had two large dogs and two large birds, and rather than finding her a more appropriate home he confined Bubbles. There were occasional times when the cage door was kept open, but Bubbles was too afraid to come out, perhaps in part because she also had been declawed.

Now the keeper of Bubbles has gone into a nursing home, and she has been surrendered suddenly to PAWS.

Bubbles PerchA short-haired, 10-year-old “tuxedo” kitty with striking green eyes, Bubbles experienced culture shock when she joined the PAWS Cattery. Not surprisingly, she was withdraw and frightened of other cats. For a while she mostly stayed in a basket she liked.

But now Bubbles has begun to come out and explore. She has been up in the windowsill several times and has let the other cats know she isn’t a pushover.

Despite her isolation, Bubbles allows people to pet her. Although there is a lot of competition right now during kitten season, her caretakers at PAWS are hoping the right person will come along to give Bubbles a home with the freedom and affection she has been deprived of for so painfully long.

Want to meet Bubbles? Call 206-780-0656.

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Images courtesy of PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap.

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