Our 2012 Best of the Island Winners: All Your Local Faves

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by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall June 3, 2012

Thanks to the many Islanders who participated in voting for the 2012 Inside Bainbridge Best of the Island (ibbi) Awards. About half of the categories pointed to clear winners, while the other half were close calls. We wish we could name the close seconds; maybe the votes will go your way next year.

Many of you had suggestions for new categories for next time, such as best place for kids, best place to take visitors, best public art, best bike route, best photographer, best dog trainer, best neighborhood, and best French fries. One of you asked for a best grumpy old man category.

ibbi awardsMost of your votes counted, but there were some that could not for a range of reasons. For example, there were those of you (in a rush?) who told us Emmy’s is the best veterinarian. For best electrician, one person named their spouse and another said they wished it was their spouse. Some people insisted on giving us off-Island entries, despite the rules, including several votes for Bella Luna in Suquamish for best pizza. Also, it seems that quite a few people believe their homes offer the best view, best pizza, best breakfast (in bed), best beach, and best music, but unfortunately they didn’t include their addresses so we can’t stop by.

Here are the official results:

Inside Bainbridge Best of the Island ibbi Awards 2012

Best Café: Blackbird

Best Breakfast Joint: Streamliner Diner

Best Lunch Place: The Harbour Public House

Best Fancy Dinner Restaurant: Four Swallows

Best Casual Dinner Restaurant: Treehouse Cafe

Best Pizza: Treehouse Cafe

Best Burger: The Harbour House Pub

Best Takeout: Sawatdy’s

Best Bar: The Harbour House Pub

Best Winery: Eleven

Best Pharmacy: Rite Aid

Best Grocery Store: T & C

Best Plumber: Bainbridge Island Plumbing

Best Electrician: Rolling Bay Electric

Best Mechanic: Island Center Auto (“John’s”)

Best Contractor: Fairbank Construction Company

Best Carpenter: Steve Trick

Best Doctor: Judy Rayl

Best Dentist: Sally Hewett

Best Chiropractor: Lucia Petheram

Best Physical Therapist: Mikki Townshend

Best Massage Therapist: Matt Timmons

Best Yoga Instructor: Sue Steindorf

Best Veterinarian: Thomas Penn

Best Lawyer: Cynthia Massa

Best Architect: Matthew Coates

Best Accountant: Lori Miller

Best Realtor: Eileen Black

Best Financial Advisor: Mark Kruse

Best Beauty Salon: Firefly

Best Art Gallery: The Gallery (at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts)

Best Retailer: Eagle Harbor Book Company

Best Pet Supplies Stores: Paws and Fins

Best Garden Center: Bainbridge Gardens

Best Gas Station: Chevron

Best Gardener/Landscaper: Ollie Pedersen

Best Picnic Spot: Fay Bainbridge

Best Place for a Date: Four Swallows

Best View: Rockaway Beach

Best Park: Battle Point Park

Best Beach: Fay Bainbridge

Best Hotel/Inn/B&B: Eagle Harbor Inn

Best Nonprofit Organization: Helpline House

Best Teacher: Amy Lee-Despard (St. Cecilia Catholic School)

Best Public School: Bainbridge High School

Best Private School: St. Cecilia Catholic School

Best Preschool: Montessori Country School

Best of Place Worship/Prayer: St. Cecilia Catholic Church

Best Trail: Grand Forest

Best Music Venue: Treehouse Cafe


Images by Jake Rome and Inside Bainbridge.

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6 Responses to “Our 2012 Best of the Island Winners: All Your Local Faves”

  1. Jean Boyle says:

    How about a "Best Tour" category next year?

  2. David says:

    What a disappointment that the" best place of worship / prayer" is the only church on the island that choose to offer its congregation a petition to deny equal rights and marriage to same sex couples. They certainly don't get my " vote".

  3. Robin Callahan says:

    There should have been a best new business. My vote would have been Eloisa Bourique. Cool new store!

  4. Paul Grant says:

    Best Place for kids would be a great category. Thanks


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