Police Blotter: 3/28/12

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Police Blotter

March 26

• An officer on routine patrol saw a white van parked at the new city park on Creosote Place at Rockaway Beach around 11:22 p.m. The officer could see four males dressed in black on the outside of a safety fence. The officer called the males over and they explained that they were hanging out, watching the ferry go by. Then officer saw a package of cookies and two bags of wine. Most of the wine had been consumed already. The officer asked the males, who were minors, one by one if they had consumed alcohol. They all admitted to drinking a little bit. None were obviously intoxicated. They said their driver was sleeping in the van. The driver said he was sleeping while the others partied. The officer told the four that he would be writing a report and that it would be sent to the prosecutor. The officer thanked the males for their honesty.

• At about 3:29 p.m. CenCom advised Bainbridge units of a bomb threat call at Woodward Middle School. Upon arriving, an officer contacted the associate principal who said that at about 2:00 two students found a message written on the wall of the girls’ bathroom. The massage said “Bomb @ 1200.” Nelson pointed out that the school had already let out and nothing had happened and the message had already been removed from the wall. She said that this is the fourth such message. The first was on February 14 in the boys’ bathroom. The more recent messages had occurred in the girls’ bathroom, two in the same stall. She showed the officer a photo of the last message, which had similar handwriting to that in the one before. She said they were having a student handwriting assignment to see if they could find the person responsible.

March 25

• At approximately 11:40 in the morning, CenCom advised of a request for contact at Fay Bainbridge Park about graffiti in the restrooms. The park manager told an officer that he found graffiti on both restroom facility buildings at the lower level of the park. He said the graffiti had not been there on Friday. He showed the officer the words “RALE” and “HOPE” on one building. He showed the graffiti at the other restroom, the words “RALE” and “HYTE.” He estimated the cost to cover the graffiti to be $40.

• A woman in the area of Barkentine Road and Tunnelwood Court was bitten by a dog. An officer arrived and found a woman lying on the ground. She said she had been walking her two boxers. She threw a stick for them and they began to fight with each other. She reached down to separate the dogs and one of them bit her on the hand. Her hand was punctured in two spots. Medics wrapped her hand and stopped the bleeding. Officers found the dog who had bitten her at home. It did not appear to be vicious or threatening. Kitsap Animal Control was notified and refused to respond to the location.

• At approximately 1:38 an officer obtained a radar reading of 51 mph in a 30 mph zone on Baker Hill. The vehicle had driven by earlier and the officer had noticed that it lacked a front license plate. The officer stopped the vehicle at Tangleberry. The driver told him that she had to go to the bathroom. She had no insurance card and her license was suspended for unpaid tickets. The officer issued her a ticket, warned her about the speeding and insurance issue, and told her she could not drive. She left the vehicle on the side of the road and began to walk home.

March 24

• Vehicle 1 was backing up in a lot off Madrone Lane when it collided with vehicle 2, which was parked and unoccupied. Vehicle 1 sustained a broken rear windshield, and vehicle 2 sustained two dents in the right rear, barn-style door.

• An officer stopped a vehicle for traveling 56 mph in a 35 mph zone on Miller Road. The driver said he was in a hurry to meet a client for whom he does maintenance. He provided his driver’s license but had no insurance card or registration. The driver had a suspended license. The officer issued an infraction for speeding but reduced it from 21 mph over the limit to 5 mph over the limit. He then issued a citation for driving without a license. The officer told him it was not legal for him to drive.

• CenCom dispatched Bainbridge units to a dental office on Ericksen for an assault by a landlord. Officers arrived and spoke with a woman who said that she and her husband had purchased the dental practice about five years ago from the owner of the building where the practice is located. She said that initially they permitted the landlord to enter the building to retrieve his mail. But even after they stopped that practice, the landlord had continued to enter without notification. At one point the landlord entered and removed some dental equipment he said had been loaned to him. She had since retrieved the items and said nothing was missing as far as she knew. But yesterday she received a call from the landlord’s wife who said that his key was not working for the storage unit in the building. The reporting party said she thought he wanted to gain access to the storage unit to retrieve dental records. The wife said that he had wanted to show the unit to a realtor. The landlord later told police he had wanted to gain access to turn off a light that had been left on. The reporting party said that in the morning the landlord arrived so they could test all the keys. His key worked, her key worked, and the master key worked. But when his key would not work in the main door of the business, he became angry. She told him he didn’t have the right to enter, and she stood in the doorway. He then grabbed her by the arms and moved her aside. She said his hands were shaking and he was very angry. She said she was not hurt. Officers then went to the landlord’s residence. They knocked and there was no answer. They were getting ready to leave when the landlord opened the door. He was in his bathrobe and he said he had been in the shower, but his hair was not wet. He invited the officers in. They asked him if he had shoved or touched anyone at the dental office, and he said no. He said that his renter was not allowed to change locks on the business per the rental agreement. He provided a copy of the agreement. The officers told him that he needed to provide notice before entering the building and that it would probably be best for him to work through an attorney and not enter that portion of the building until the issue was resolved. A witness had seen the landlord move the renter to the side as she stood in the doorway and then begin yelling at her and pointing his finger in her face. He said he was afraid the landlord was going to hit the renter, so he stood between them and told them to stop arguing. Then he saw the man get in his car and leave.

• An officer returned to her car parked on Madison in the City Hall parking lot and found that the rubber antenna grommet had been taken off the trunk of the vehicle. She had seen it earlier in the day when she washed the car. The removal of the grommet left a hole in the trunk that would allow water to enter it. She took the vehicle to public works where they used silicone to try to plug the hole.

• One of the owners of The 122 called 911. He told an officer that there was an intoxicated male lying at the entrance to the restaurant who seemed to be passed out. Officers arrived on scene and found an Hispanic male lying on his back with his eyes closed. The man woke up and started chatting and asking what was going on. He produced a Washington State Driver’s License. When an officer told him she was going to drive him home and needed to pat him down first, he told her that he had a weapon. She lifted up his shirt and saw the butt end of a Glock handgun. The other officer immediately secured the firearm. The man was able to provide a Carry Pistol License from King County. He also produced a military ID card. He said he was looking to take the police test in April for the Bainbridge Island Police. The officer told him he should curtail his drinking. He said he had only had a couple of drinks. The officer asked him if he had been in the bar with his firearm. He said he did not have the gun when he was in the bar. He said he had retrieved his gun from his car when he went outside. The officer asked him why he had returned to the bar with his gun. He said he knew some people from High School and didn’t want any trouble. She asked him if they knew he was armed and he said no. The restaurant owner told police that a bartender said that he had not seen the man leave to go to his car but that he had been in the bar the entire time. The bartender told police the man had arrived at 12:45 and was still there at last call at 1:45. Several women had complained that he had been coming on a little strong. The bartender said the man had then gone outside to talk to some of the women who were leaving. The bartender and the owner said that the man usually only has one drink when he comes in. Tonight was unusual in that he had ordered a second, but he did not finish it. The man told police that his car was parked in the church parking lot at Madison and Winslow Way. After driving the man home, police searched the lot but found no car registered to the man.

March 23

• Unit 2 was driving through the parking lot of Town and Country. Unit 1 was backing out of a stall. Unit 1 backed into the side of unit 2. No injuries were reported.

• A woman told police that she had seen a man in his 20s taking money out of the Diamond parking lot pay box near the ferry. She saw him fish out three envelopes using a large silver hook of some type. She yelled for him to stop it and he fled westbound on foot. The officer checked the surrounding area but was unable to locate the suspect. Police contacted the parking lot manager who said that when people steal money from the boxes they sometimes hide in the nearby bushes. The officer checked but found no one hiding.

• CenCom dispatched Bainbridge units to a Larix Place for an industrial accident. They advised that a worker had fallen off a roof.  Officers arrived and saw medics attending to the victim. They spoke with a witness who said that he and the victim were going to pressure wash the metal roof of the residence. The victim had just stepped onto the roof to test it. He immediately slipped and fell to the ground. He had not been wearing any safety gear because he was just testing the roof to see if he would be able to secure a rope for them to tether to. The victim likely suffered a broken right ankle. He was transported to the hospital.

March 22

• A Kitsap County Deputy was investigating an abandoned pickup truck on Eisenhardt Lane near Miller Bay Road. The truck was a stolen vehicle. A Bainbridge officer spoke with the deputy and learned that the truck had been painted black and had a screwdriver stuck in the broken ignition. He said there were used syringes strewn around the vehicle and a handicap placard issued to a Kingston resident. The vehicle also had a different license plate than when it had been stolen. The plate belongs to that of a white truck owned by a Battle Point Drive resident. An officer went to that resident but no one was home. The officer left a card requesting a call back. The truck was towed. Since the license plate had not been reported as stolen no theft report for the plate was generated. The owner of the plate later contacted police and told them that he had just received a ticket in the mail for crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge without paying. The photo showed a red pickup. When the truck was stolen it was red. He told police that he was sure that there were plates on his white truck. Officers drove to the man’s truck which was at the Park and Ride on Finch Road and found that it had the plates from the stolen truck on it. The owner of the white truck said he would get new plates for his vehicle.

March 21

• At approximately 3:08 p.m. CenCom advised of a verbal agument in a room at the Island Country Inn. The argument was between the reporting party and her daughter, the occupant of the room. CenCom said that the reporting party was saying that her daughter had pushed her. Officers responded to the scene. An officer knocked on the door and the daughter answered it and then got back in bed as she was unclothed from the waist down. She was clearly intoxicated. The officer told her to get dressed. There was an empty box of wine on the floor near the bed. The office advised her that she needed help with her drinking problem and she needed to be careful about putting her hands on people and that if she didn’t want her mother in the room she shouldn’t have opened the door. The officer said that in the future if she had someone she didn’t want her in her room she should call 911. The mother told police that she was only there to retrieve her daughter’s car keys. She was told she could not do that without her daughter’s permission, that she had to leave if her daughter asked her to, and that she couldn’t remove her daughter’s wine, which she had done. Officers told her that they sympathized with her but that she could not force her daughter to get help for her drinking.

March 20

• A citizen turned in a wet, weathered wallet to the police station. Her son had found it in a ditch along Grow Avenue. They had taken the wallet to the address listed on the driver’s license in the wallet, an address on Hansen, but no one was around so they had left it on the porch. They returned to the home three days later and saw that it was still on the porch. The home appeared unoccupied so they took the wallet to the station. The wallet was placed into evidence. Much of its contents disintegrated when the wallet was opened.

March 19

• An officer ran the plate of a vehicle on Madison near Knechtel. The license plate was registered to a different person than the one driving. The officer stopped the vehicle on High School at Finch. The driver identified herself with a Washington license. She said she thought she had transferred the title to the vehicle. She showed the officer the old title with the report of sale indicating she was the purchaser. The officer said that if she had transferred the title there would be a new title with her name on it. She said she wasn’t insured to drive. The officer issued her a ticket for failing to transfer the title. The officer recommended that she transfer the title before appearing in court.

• An officer ran the license plate of a vehicle that drove past on 305 near Reitan. The officer determined that the registered owner’s license was suspended for unpaid tickets. He stopped the vehicle at 305 and Day Road. The officer asked the driver if he was the registered owner and he said he wasn’t but didn’t have a license and had just been to court for a similar issue. The driver’s license was suspended. The officer issued him a ticket and gave him a ride to work.

• A resident of an apartment building on Parfitt Way called to report that two chairs were missing from the common area in the lobby. She said she knew the chairs had been there on Friday. She said the cost to replace the chairs was around $100.

March 16

• An officer tried to contact a Bainbridge resident about his failure to stop his vehicle when a schoolbus was stopped and had deployed its red lights and stop paddle. The officer finally was able to make contact and asked the man if he remembered passing the bus on February 27. He said he remembered the bus but was adamant he hadn’t passed it. He had just had his radiator replaced and, while stopped behind the bus, his car began smoking. He figured his car was on fire and decided he should drive off the roadway. He said he pulled alongside the bus but didn’t believe he had passed it. He then pulled into the exit driveway to Blakely School. He opened the hood to his car and added water and drove the car back to the mechanic. A witness also spoke with the officer. The witness had radioed the bus driver to warn him that a car was about to pass. He wasn’t sure if the car had passed the bus entirely. The mechanic also spoke with the officer and confirmed to the officer what the man had said about his vehicle and the radiator. The mechanic had found that the radiator was low on water. He said there could have been an air bubble which would have made the temperature gauge rise and the car overheat. The bus driver also spoke with the officer and told her that he was sure the car had passed the bus. He said it appeared that the car was having troubles since the driver got out and opened the hood. The officer issued the driver an infraction for passing the bus.

March 14

• A man found items at his rental property on Madison. He had come across a fanny pack with identification. The fanny pack was wet. After drying the items in the evidence dryer, an officer started looking through the materials and found earphones, a CD, batteries, two wallets, and several pieces of identification issued to residents of Sunrise Drive.





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    The intoxicated gentleman with a glock in his pants who was passed out at 122 says he wants to be on the BI Police Department. Bringing a gun into a bar and coming on too strong to the ladies was a good start, but if he really wants a job with the Bainbridge PD he should have assaulted somebody. Hopefully, next time he'll show a little more initiative.


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