Learn About Police Work: Enroll in the Bainbridge Citizen’s Police Academy

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Maybe you want to know why the police always manage to find you when your tabs are expired. Maybe you fantasize about investigating a crime scene, especially dusting for prints. Or maybe you just want see what it’s like to slap some cuffs on a perp (and I have no idea if that’s what you would call it). This is your opportunity to go behind the scenes with the Police Department.

The BIPD Citizen’s Police Academy runs for 10 weeks and covers everything from Sex Offenders on Bainbridge to Elder Abuse. Participants spend Tuesday evenings meeting with local experts to learn the ins and outs of police work. The course includes a few Saturday field trips to the Corrections Center, CenCom, and the Coroner’s Office and a ride-along.

BIPD Citizen's Academy

Commander Shultz gives a diploma to a Citizen's Academy graduate.

The Academy concludes on April 24 with a potluck dinner and a K-9 demonstration followed by graduation ceremonies.

To enroll, call 842-5211. You will have to undergo a background check to make sure you’re not a criminal with a felony warrant out for your arrest, which would likely be a dealbreaker.

Tuesday night classes run from 7 to 9 p.m.

Here is a brief rundown of the schedule:

  • 2/21: Orientation and Sex Offenders on Bainbridge Island
  • 2/28: Marine Patrol
  • 3/6: Evidence and Office Procedures
  • 3/10: Field Trip
  • 3/13: Critical Incidents and the Fire Department
  • 3/20: Parking and Traffic
  • 3/27: Municipal Court Process
  • 3/31: Field Trip
  • 4/3: Tactics
  • 4/10: Sexual Assault Crimes and Elder Abuse
  • 4/17: Crime Scene Investigation and Narcotics
  • 4/24: K-9 and Graduation



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  1. It is a great program, I went to the first one.


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