Animal Tales: Jonas the Canine Cat

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Well, he’s plenty cat, but if you like some dog qualities in your kitty, Jonas is your boy. He’ll follow you around like a pooch to see what you’re doing and make sure he’s not missing anything good. He’s also a puppylike combination of rough-and-tumble playful and heart-meltingly affectionate, wrapping his arms around your shoulders for hugs and giving chin nibble kisses. So, if you like to wrestle and snuggle, Jonas has it all to give.

Jonas is a three-year-old short-haired gray male with dreamy green eyes. His family gave him up because he was just too feisty for their young child. Despite his obvious charms, as luck would have it he has the dubious honor of being at the Bainbridge Island PAWS adoption center the longest of the current batch of adoptable cats.

Jonas likes to play with other young energetic cats and would probably also have fun with a young cat-savvy dog as a playmate. He likes to be outdoors on the PAWS fenced porches watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders and running around the cattery like a racehorse to keep his physique in tip-top form. He also appreciates feathery wand toys and fake mice.

Because he can be rambunctious when he gets revved up, he’s better off in a home without young kids. But once he’s got the bees out of his bonnet, he’ll happily curl on your lap and purr for petting. You can visit Jonas at the PAWS Adoption Center on Bainbridge Island at 8820 Miller Road.
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Photos and story details courtesy of Melissa Byrd and PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap.

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